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              Welcome to the web site of Xiong guest intelligent sofa Technology Co., Ltd.
            1. SERVICE HOTLINE:400-811-0311







                FAMOUS BRAND, POWERFUL

                1We have been focusing on the sofa for many years, with "green and green" as the core concept of the brand

                2Classic fashion appearance, 360 degrees without dead angle, a beautiful scenery line at home. The posture can be adjusted manually, one key adjustment, no change, and full enjoyment of technological change.

                High quality equipment, high quality

                1The company has advanced production equipment and strong independent research and design capabilities. The company has standardized production in Dongguan, Guangdong, and integrates R & D, design, production and sales.

                2Through the international quality management system certification, we have many kinds of chemical testing equipment, to ensure that every factory sofa product is in line with the national standard, and the product performance is trustworthy.

                Qunying, leading technology

                1With advanced management technology and high quality management team. Gradually formed the "style fashion, colorful, fine workmanship" of the unique style, the product is deeply loved by the majority of customers.

                2A complete solution for the company, the family application, the professional design, the five star quality, the affordable price

                Custom, ease and effort

                1Provide a healthy and environmentally friendly raw material for customers, adopt a new three-dimensional and first molding process, and meet the design of human meridian.

                2Sofa quality assurance for more than 10 years, free of charge to provide after-sales service guidance. Bear guest has five star after service system, 7x12 hour technical service support

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              Xiong guest intelligent sofa Technology Co., Ltd.

              Xiong guest intelligent sofa Technology Co.,Ltd.is a specialized company integrating product research and development,manufacturing and sales services.

              The company was founded in 2005(formerly known as Shenzhen Xiong Ke Furniture Co.,Ltd.),with the development of business,now has a manufacturing base,R&D and sales service company,the Western sales and service branch three permanent institutions.